Please review the following updates related to the heat advisory this week:

Lunch Room Updates

As you all know the temperatures this week have been extremely high. All of our classrooms (and the extended care room) either have central air or mobile air conditioning units. However, our cafeteria does not have air conditioning and out of care for our lunchroom staff, we are changing the plan for hot lunch for tomorrow (Thursday, August 24th) and Friday (August 25th). Please see below for specifics.

  • Thursday, August 23rd – The hot lunch is being changed to ham and cheese sandwiches and students will either eat in their classrooms or the Extended Care Room.
  • Friday, August 24th – There will not be hot lunch available and ALL students (Early Childhood – 8th Grade) will need to bring a sack lunch from home. Once again, students will either eat in their classrooms of the Extended Care Room.


Volleyball Open Gym Cancelled

The Volleyball Open Gym sessions are cancelled for Aug. 23 and Aug. 24, due to the heat. Official practices will begin on Monday, Aug. 28. Please consult the Trinity School app to view practice schedule times. Volleyball is open to all 4th – 8th grade girls.