Trinity Lutheran School places a high value on the fine arts, with music, visual and performing arts incorporated in purposeful ways from preschool through 8th grade. While many of our fine arts programs are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, we look forward to resuming these activities as soon as we are able!

Students at Trinity experience fine arts in the classrooms through the volunteer-led Art Outreach program and weekly teacher-led art instruction.

The annual Spring Musical provides students with costume and set design opportunities, as well as early exposure to the performing arts. Throughout the school year, students in preschool through 8th grade participate in church choirs. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, students lead congregational Advent services, giving them an opportunity to use their musical gifts to serve the church.

The recorder is introduced in 4th grade, and students in 4th though 8th grade have the option of choosing an instrument and participating in the Trinity Band. Private instrument lessons are offered for band students during the school day, and students have the opportunity to compete in various festivals and contests throughout the school year, including:


  • Illinois Music Education Association District Fall Festival
  • Lutheran High School Solo/Ensemble Contest
  • Illinois Elementary School Association Solo/Ensemble Contest
  • Illinois Lutheran Honor Band

Celebrating Variety in Learning Styles

At Trinity Lutheran School, we value the uniqueness of each of our students and understand the importance of variety in teaching methods and approach. Our education inclusion strategy celebrates differences in learning styles and promotes a stronger sense of community in the classroom.

Igniting a Life-Long Love Learning

We acknowledge that students are motivated learners when the subject coincides with their natural interests. By supplementing standard curriculum with creative and innovative topics - through our music, outdoor ed, and elective programs - we seek to ignite a life-long love of learning in our students.

Clearing the Obstacles of Learning

We are dedicated to addressing the emotional and spiritual health of our students, through a variety of methods, including implementation of Christian conflict resolution curriculum, faculty training guided by licensed counselors, visits from Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, and most importantly, regular classroom prayer time focusing on God's promises for our lives.

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