Communication is expressing thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently in a variety of ways.

Wise people use their words to spread knowledge. Proverbs 15:7a

Students practice effective communication skills though writing, speaking in class, art projects, music, and interacting with teachers and fellow students throughout the school day.

Daily conversations with children provide excellent opportunities for parents to model basic communication skills. These conversations help to lay a foundation for effective communication later in life. The parent’s goal is to raise a child who converses courteously; who listens to what others say; and who is able to clearly express thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions.

In 2018, Trinity’s Elements of Success program was nominated as a Powerful Practice by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) validation team.


NLSA Powerful



are programs or practices that set a school apart and make it a highly respected educational institution in its community.

Trinity’s Elements of Success are Compassion, Composure, Citizenship, Clear Thinking, Creativity, Curiosity, Communication, and Collaboration. The elements and are woven into the  Trinity curriculum and incorporated at all grade levels, from early childhood through 8th grade. These skills, combined with academic excellence, equip our students to excel in all areas of their lives.



per week of resource services including special needs support services.



Trinity students consistently score above state and national averages.



of Trinity faculty members hold advanced degrees

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